Our Shop



Just bring your boat and come down to Struis. We stock a wide selection of bait which includes:

Arrow or trawled Squid
Loligo Vulgaris (local chokka)
Mackerel (when available)
White Mussels
Red bait

Angling clubs are supplied with outstanding quality of bait on a frequent basis.
We make up orders of bait on request and it gets flown to Durban or Johannesburg with SAA Cargo.


Treat yourself to our wide variety of products including:
Freshly made curry fish, pickled mussels and pickled calamari. Our famous snoek pate and smoked fish.
Our batter for fish and calamari is available on the shelf if you want to prepare your own. (Our own secret recipe)
Sushi ingredients
Various sauces and spices
Anja’s Banting range


A feast for the seafood-lover

Seafood mix


It is with pride when I say: ”Local is lekker” and that Fish and more stock stainless steel equipment manufactured locally by Infinity Stainless Steel.  The quality of their products is outstanding.

Fish & chips
The chips are fresh potatoes peeled and hand-cut.  Hake and Snoek we source from known companies in Mossel Bay, Cape Town or Namibia that supports sustained fishing. Our line fish we buy from the local Chuckies or powerboats in Struisbaai harbour.

Our motto regarding food: “Life is too short to put something in your mouth that does not taste WOW”
Every meal should be a celebration.

It is safe to say that we serve THE best calamari!!! Soft calamari dusted in a light batter and deep fried for 2min in hot palm oil.  Accompanied with our homemade tartare sauce. You just have to try it.

Fresh Fish
Struisbaai is a small fisherman’s village.  Local fishermen catch yellowtail, red stumpnose, red roman, kabeljou, geelbek (cape salmon), kapenaar (silvers), mackerel and tuna depending on the time of year.  

Services offered
You got lucky and caught your own fish while you are on holiday.  Bring it to our shop. We will clean the fish and prepare it for you to perfection.
We do clean, cut & vacuum fish that you caught. Please arrange in advance during season.


Visit our stingrays in the Harbour as they love fishy treats.  Follow the Facebook page “Parrie the stingray” to stay updated on their where-abouts.  We do stock bait for Parrie.